Who Are the Filipino Geographers?

Like the question, “What do geographers do?”, answering “Who are the Filipino Geographers?” could be just as hard. Essentially, there is no specific checklist which would qualify someone as being more or less of a geographer. Even today, there are still debates about who the geographer is.

The important thing is the role that space, place, and/or human-environment interactions play in someone’s work. The geographer-identity seems to be highly flexible and can be merged with other professional identities. Thus, it is not surprising to see environmental planners who are also physical geographers, social workers who are also cultural geographers, doctors who are also medical geographers, and so on.

In this blog, we will be able to encounter these different profiles. Most, but not all of them would have graduated with a degree in Geography. Ideally, a degree in Geography makes one a ‘geographer’ by title, but anyone heavily involved with the concepts and theories of the discipline of Geography, could also be a geographer.

As this blog highlights Filipino geographers, most of them would hail from the Philippines, although some would also be based overseas. Occasionally, this blog also features profiles of non-Filipinos who are or have been based in the Philippines and have contributed to the expansion of the discipline in the country.