Monday, August 15, 2011

Welcome to Filipino Geographers!

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The Filipino Geographers project was born after a group of geography students got confronted with the question  “What do we eventually become after finishing a degree in geography?”  The question is not new, and it has been asked and answered time and again in countless career talks, forums and simple conversations at school. But the fact remains that the question still arises in the minds of many students and geography enthusiasts.

The blog aims to feature various Filipino geographers and their current careers. Aside from promoting the geographers, young students can also find inspiration in what they want to do after they finish their degrees. In a way, this small project of ours can also help in promoting the field in the country as site visitors can get a glimpse of what geographers do and get to know the diverse interests of geographers.We recommend that you go see our About Page. The site will feature profiles of various geographers and feature some special topics along the way. You guys should help us promote too alright? 

Where are the Filipino geographers? Well, they're here, there and out there in the field, helping communities, doing government projects, traveling and engaging themselves in different pursuits. We hope that you'll be with us in this journey of getting to know each one of them.

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  1. PS: I NEED A BIOGEOGRAPHER I can train to replace me!