Geography in the Philippines

Attending formal geographic education and getting a degree in Geography is probably the best route to become a full-fledged geographer in the Philippines.

Currently, there is only one Geography Department (offering Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees) in the country. This sole Geography Department is based in the University of the Philippines Diliman, under the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy. 

Throughout the past decades, the Department has seen significant growth in its numbers, paired with growing interest in its courses and degree programs among the curious youth. With the increased international awareness of “geographic” issues such as climate change, globalization, urbanization and so on, this offers a bright prospect for the emerging economies such as the Philippines.

But even outside the Department, there are many emerging NGOs, student organizations and groups heralding the discipline. Truly, the potential is great and the future is exciting for Geography in the Philippines, Filipino geographers worldwide, and the discipline of Geography itself.