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This is a blog site dedicated to the countless Filipino geographers based within and outside the Philippines, actively pursuing their own interests and making a mark in their own respective fields and industries.

This blog answers the perpetual question, “What do geographers do?” by regularly featuring profiles of geographers of all backgrounds, leanings and interests. Truly, this is a project that started out with that same question, and the difficulty to provide a single, definitive answer made it more sensible to compile numerous Filipino geographer stories instead.

This blog hopes to empower aspiring geographers to make their own paths and excel in them, encourage those who are already ‘out there’, and further expand the geographer networks within and outside the archipelago.

Thank you for visiting this site and have a great day!

Disclaimer: While this has been an initiative of geography students from the University of the Philippines, this project is not directly affiliated with the University's Department of Geography. The views expressed in all of the project's subsites (interviews, blogsite, community pages, etc) do not necessarily reflect the views of the said entity, or
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